Morning Prayers

LOC Guido Baltes

The morning prayers take place Wednesday to Friday at 8.15 in the church of St. Peter and Paul. The church building is located directly at the venue Hörsaalgebäude (HSG).


Wednesday: TBA

Thursday: TBA

Friday: TBA

The interior of the church is designed so that the windows and glass surfaces create an impressive, almost mystical light. This effect is particularly noticeable in summer mornings and should be experienced on sunny days during the SNTS 2019 conference.

Der Innenraum der Kirche ist so gestaltet, dass die Fenster und Glasflächen ein beeindruckendes, geradezu mystisches Licht entstehen lassen.  Dieser Effekt ist besonders an Sommermorgenden zu beobachten und sollte  an den sonnigen Tagen während der Konferenz SNTS 2019 zu erleben sein.

You see in this picture the church St. Peter and Paul, the venue Hörsaalgebäude as well as the Landgrafenschloss.



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