Main papers

Main Papers will be delivered by Profs

Martin de Boer (Netherlands)


‘Expulsion from the Synagogue: J.L. Martyn’s History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel Revisited’

Alain Gignac (Canada)


‘Lorsque le katechon permet de repenser le politique. Discussion critique d’une thèse de Georgio Agamben en regard de la discursivité de 2Th 2,1-12’

(Provisional title)

Laura Nasrallah (USA)


‘A theology of defixiones? Roman Corinth, the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore, and Christ-followers’

(Provisional title)

 Thomas Schmeller (Germany),


Dissimulatio artis?  Paulus und die antike Rhetorik’