short papers

Thursday 1 August 16.15-17.00  Simultaneous Short Papers I

František Ábel (Slovakia): ‘The Role of Israel Towards the Gentiles in the Context of Romans 11:25-27’ (HG 00/0080)

Cornelis Bennema (UK): ‘A Common Model of Mimesis in John and Paul?’ (HG 00/0020)

Paul Danove (USA): ‘What God Possesses from Human Beings and God’s Responses to These Possessions in the Gospel of Mark’ (HG +1/0120)

Dietrich-Alex Koch (Germany): ‘Der 1829 von H.A.W. Meyer begründete “Kritische und exegetische Kommentar über das Neue Testament” in forschungsgeschichtlicher Sicht’ (HG +1/0030)

Cancelled: Adele Reinhartz (Canada): ‘The “Parting of the Ways” and the Criterion of Plausibility’ (HG +1/0010)

Samuel Vollenweider (Switzerland): ‘The Saviour in a Camouflage Suit. Gnosticism and Orthodoxy in the Greek Physiologus (2nd century)’ (HG +2/0090)

Friday 2 August 14.15-15.00 Simultaneous Short Papers II

Roger Aus (Germany): ‘The Noun anatolē and its Cognate Verb as “Sprout” and “Sprout up” in Early Judaic Sources and Luke 1:78-79’ (HG 00/0080)

Edwin Broadhead (USA): ‘Narrative and Neurology: Ten Things Every New Testament Scholar Should Know’

(HG 00/0020)

Christos Karakolis (Greece): ‘Romans 6:10: Exegetical and Theological Problems’ (HG +1/0120)

David Neville (Australia): ‘Apostle of Peace? Probing a Tension in Paul’s Theological and Moral Vision’ (HG +1/0030)

Alexey Somov (Russia): ‘Individual Resurrection in the New Testament: The Case of Matthew 27:52-53’ (HG +1/0010)

Oda Wischmeyer (Germany): ‘Ist der Jakobusbrief “Literatur”? Offene Fragen zum literarischen Charakter des Briefes’ (HG +2/0090)

Friday 2 August 16.15-17.00 Simultaneous Short Papers III

Bärbel Bosenius (Germany): ‘Das Syntagma διὰ τῶν χειρῶν αὐτοῦ in Mk 6,2b: Ein bloßer Septuagintismus oder ein Hinweis auf eine besondere Bedeutung der Hände Jesu im Markusevangelium?’ (HG 00/0080)

Peter Gräbe (USA), ‘New Covenant Theology in the First and Second Centuries’ (HG 00/0020)

Torsten Jantsch (Germany): ‘Jesus as Benefactor: A Neglected Aspect of Christology in Luke-Acts’ (HG +1/0120)

Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole (Kenya), ‘Gospel: Eponym for Christian Canonical Scriptures’ (HG +1/0030)

Carey Newman (USA): ‘God and Glory in Paul, Again’ (HG +1/0010)

Jan Willem van Henten (Netherlands): ‘For the Welfare of My Children and Grandchildren: Donor Inscription Syr69 and 2 Corinthians 1:6’ (HG +2/0090)