short papers

Roger Aus (Germany): ‘The Noun anatolē and its Cognate Verb as “Sprout” and “Sprout up” in Early Judaic Sources and Luke 1:78-79’

Cornelis Bennema (UK): ‘A Common Model of Mimesis in John and Paul?’

Bärbel Bosenius (Germany): ‘Das Syntagma διὰ τῶν χειρῶν αὐτοῦ in Mk 6,2b: Ein bloßer Septuagintismus oder ein Hinweis auf eine besondere Bedeutung der Hände Jesu im Markusevangelium?’

Edwin Broadhead (USA): ‘Narrative and Neurology: Ten Things Every New Testament Scholar Should Know’

Paul Danove (USA): ‘What God Possesses from Human Beings and God’s Responses to These Possessions in the Gospel of Mark’

Peter Gräbe (USA), ‘New Covenant Theology in the First and Second Centuries’

Jan Willem van Henten (Netherlands): ‘For the Welfare of My Children and Grandchildren: Donor Inscription Syr69 and 2 Corinthians 1:6’

Torsten Jantsch (Germany): ‘Jesus as Benefactor: A Neglected Aspect of Christology in Luke-Acts’

Christos Karakolis (Greece): ‘Romans 6:10: Exegetical and Theological Problems’

Dietrich-Alex Koch (Germany): ‘Der 1829 von H.A.W. Meyer begründete “Kritische und exegetische Kommentar über das Neue Testament” in forschungsgeschichtlicher Sicht’

Jean-Claude Loba-Mkole (Kenya), ‘Gospel: Eponym for Christian Canonical Scripture’

David Neville (Australia): ‘Apostle of Peace? Probing a Tension in Paul’s Theological and Moral Vision’

Carey Newman (USA): ‘God and Glory in Paul, Again’

Gerbern Oegema (Canada): Women, Birth and Resurrection

Adele Reinhartz (Canada): ‘The “Parting of the Ways” through the lens of non-Christ-confessing Jewish sources’

Alexey Somov (Russia): ‘Individual Resurrection in the New Testament: The Case of Matthew 27:52-53’

Larry Welborn (USA): ‘Bultmann on Religion and Democracy in America’

Oda Wischmeyer (Germany): ‘Ist der Jakobusbrief “Literatur”? Offene Fragen zum literarischen Charakter des Briefes’