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How to find us:

Marburg is situated about 90 km north from Frankfurt Main, the central city of the vibrant Rhein-Main region, and about 90 km south from Kassel, the regional centre of the northern part of Hesse.

By Train and Bus:


From Frankfurt Airport and Central Station:


At Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1 the station for regional trains (Regionalbahnhof) is located. Ticket machines of the RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund) provide tickets to Marburg (Lahn). A one-way ticket from Regionalbahnhof to Marburg costs 16€. From Frankfurt Airport Regionalbahnhof you will reach Frankfurt Central Station in about 15 min (Lines S8, S9 & RB 3). If you are arriving at Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 you have to change to Terminal 1 via Sky Line shuttle train or Shuttlebus. In Terminal 1 you can either go to Regionalbahnhof or you can use the station for long-distance trains (Fernbahnhof) and take a more comfortable “Intercity-Express” train (ICE) to Marburg with change in Frankfurt Central Station. Tickets for these trains usually cost more than regional train tickets (about 32€ depending on booking time) and can be booked in advance via the Deutsche Bahn Travel Service. On Frankfurt Central Station regional trains (Lines RE 98, RE 30 & RB 41) and ICEs are leaving to Marburg every thirty to forty minutes and will reach the city in about 60-90 min.  

There are Taxis standing outside the Frankfurt Airport. Fares vary between circa € 160 - 270.


From Frankfurt Hahn:

The Airport Frankfurt-Hahn is a destination of Ryanair and may be a choice for some members. The journey from Frankfurt-Hahn to Marburg by bus and train lasts between three and five hours. Tickets cost upwards of 33€. For your personal travel planning and booking, please see Deutsche Bahn Travel Service.


From Kassel:

The next station with fast train connection is Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe. From Kassel regional trains (Lines RE 30 & RE 98) and “Intercity-Express” trains (ICE) will go to Marburg with two regional trains in every two hours (40 and 80 min in between) and one ICE roughly every two hours. One-way tickets cost from 24€ to 26€. You will reach Marburg in about 60 to 70 min.


In Marburg:

From the Marburg Hauptbahnhof you can either take a taxi that is waiting in the area directly adjacent to the train station, or you can take a bus to Biegenstraße 10. You can take any of the city bus lines 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 or 7 directly to the main venue. You get off the bus at the “Erwin-Piscator-Haus” stop, which is located in close proximity to the main venue Hörsaalgebäude. Tickets can be directly bought from the bus drivers costing 2,20€ for one-way tickets and 4,30€ for day tickets.



For your personal travel planning and booking, please see Deutsche Bahn Travel Service.



By Car:


Marburg is situated on the national route (Bundesstraße) B3 which is connected at Gießen with the highway A5 to southern Germany and with national route B3 and highway A 49 to Kassel. Exit the national route B3 at the exit “Marburg-Bahnhofstraße.” Turn right toward the city center onto Bahnhofstraße at the first traffic light. Enter the left lane after the next traffic light and turn left onto Elisabethstraße at the end of Bahnhofstraße. Remain in the left lane until the next traffic light at the Elisabethkirche and turn left at the Elisabethkirche onto Deutschhausstraße. Continue straight ahead through the next traffic light, following the same street around a sharp right curve – you are now on Biegenstraße. After approximately 300 meters there is a church on the right-hand side of the street and directly next to the church is the main venue Hörsaalgebäude.


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